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Our Mission

We help Pro Bono Doctors save or change lives in underserved communities in the US and around the world. We believe that our internet platform can close a gap we perceive between donors and doctors. Doctors and donors are the core of the network. Each donor is encouraged to bring his excellent doctor and some money. Each doctor is encouraged to present their exciting pro bono projects and to invite some of their existing donors in search of additional giving opportunities to join the network. The hope is that the network will accelerate the creation and implementation of pro bono medical services.

Our vision

Create a focused, independent network of Pro Bono Medical Services.

We believe that: state-of-the-art medicine, currently nested in centers of excellence, should be made locally available to a much wider geographic community.

While many donors and doctors already work at transporting medical solutions to underserved communities, they face challenges in establishing permanent solutions. More than money is needed to solve the issue: We propose to team up with pro bono doctors and dedicate our competences and time to become experts at engineering and delivering permanent solutions

Our Proposition

Join our pro bono network where donors and doctors meet efficiently for the good of underserved communities


  • Fulfill your own pro bono dream, independent of large organizations.
  • Focus on medicine, not on fund raising.
  • Scale your project
    • – Train other doctors, Spread Your Knowledge
    • – Expand your vision/treatment model in other geographies


  • 100% of your donations goes to medical care
  • Help Critical Missions: Save or Change lives.
  • High Visibility and Accountability of Your Donation.
    • – Pick your geography or medical specialty

Our Interactive Network Effect

  • Donors find more custom-tailored projects/doctors that best suit their preferences.
  • Doctors find more donors and expansion opportunities.